What will we do without technology

There’s a huge interest in technology and technology issues today. After all, more and more people have cell phones, personal computers, and MP3 players, and everyone has problems using them! They break down or we loose them and we seem lost with out them and thinking will i ever find or get my phone,mp3 player working again. I have had trouble with Blackberry’s one time was the battery kept going had to charge like every day and it kept turning off turned out battery was dead and warn out.   The other time was when the charger broke it was the pins inside the phone argggh!

I happened to loose my MP3 player quite a few times  and I searched everywhere for it and had no luck at all my mom happened to find it in the tumble dryer.

We’ve had a few problems at Sandwell Hospital Radio aswell meaning we had to stay off-air till it was sorted.

We have to love technology lol 😀