Why We Love blogging (And You Should, Too!)

Blogging is a great way to meet other bloggers and to let your voice be heard and to think of topics to write about as well which may be difficult at times staring at a blank screen thinking what to write. 😆 I’m like it and start to write a post save it in draft or just forget and delete it.

You can also think of blogging as a diary or journal. Blogging is something I really enjoy having signed up for the blog, I went into panic mode about what to blog about. I post now and again.

To be honest, I struggled through the first few posts. Then I started to realize that this is the only writing I produce that doesn’t have to conform to editorial requirements. I can please myself what I write and how I write it. There is no required word count, or tone, or necessity for research. I can express opinions, rant, muse, or just ramble on as the mood takes me.

I think that blogging is so enjoyable and that’s why I blog. What about you? Why do you blog, and how do you feel about it? Feel free to share!

I may set some goals I’m not really 100% sure yet.



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