I have joined the giffgaff Network – No contract PAYG Sim

Giffgaff is a small mobile phone provider. It’s unusual in that it doesn’t have shops or call centres and instead is an online provider run by, and for, its members. It has traditionally offered pay-as-you-go Sim cards but in late 2013 started selling handsets that you pay for on a monthly basis, so in recent years we’ve also rated it as a contract provider.

The mobile network run by you! giffgaff runs on the O2 network It’s an amazing network you get some good deals and it’s good value for money. Also giffgaff will give you £5 (500 payback points) for every new member SIM activation you help make happen.

It’s a lot different to normal networks their are no call centres so no long queues. which is great! 😀 If you have any problems you go on the Help Section of the community and you are helped by other Giffgaffers . You receive points for helping other giffgaffers

You buy credit by voucher or credit/debit card and then buy a goodybag using the money from your credit. So what’s a goodybag? As it sounds, it’s a month worth of goodies – such as unlimited texts and internet access, and a fixed number of calling minutes.

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