Boots Skin Clear Ultra Treatment Cream

Boots Skin Clear Ultra Treatment Cream is a unique formulation with ingredients scientifically proven to penetrate pores, fight apot-causing bacteria and help to prevent breakouts.

This spot gel really is brilliant, it reduces the redness of my spots that appear on my forehead. I only get 1 or 2 of them, but they’re big, red and painful. My technique with this product is to blob it on really thick using the directed nozzle, spread it about over the spot and surrounding skin and leave it on overnight and have disappeared after a few days, which has left my skin clear and looking much better.

For the low price it is quite good aswell Give it a go, it works wonders on little whiteheads/pimples as well as stubborn spots. It reduces redness and spot size very quickly and leaves a clear film over the spot. It works and I wouldn’t be without it. And has a clean and fresh scent which I don’t find too strong or unpleasant.