Litter is still a problem

So as I’ve written about that I volunteer with Litter Watch this is the amount of Litter that we collected in the week

Monday – monthly litter pick Bassett Road Friar Park 9 bags of litter collected

Wednesday Monthly litter pick at Princes End Asda Tipton. 8 bags of litter,2 and 1/2 bags of recycling and 7 trolleys collected

Thursday – Windmill Crescent Smethwick at the request of a resident 17 bags litter 3 contaminated broken bins also some fly-tipping

Friday morning litter pick around Thimblemill Brook Smethwick 4 bags of litter collected

Tuesday we spent the day at Caroline Street Allotment if anyone was wondering why Tuesday wasn’t mentioned.

Everywhere we go we find a lot of litter about it’s easy to just put your rubbish into a bin or if you are not near one just put it into your pocket until you find a bin.

I’m still in the process of coming up with a blog schedule

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