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Relief at U-turn on badger cull

The RSPCA are relieved DEFRA has decided against rolling out the badger cull to further counties after they backed down on plans to licence more culls in other parts of the British countryside.

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Charity announces change in lost & found service

The RSPCA is announcing a change in the way that reports of lost and found animals are logged.  From 1 December 2013, members of the public will be asked to go to Pets if they have lost a pet or found an uninjured stray domestic animal.

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On Sunday, 30 September 2012 Birmingham Animal Centre will be closing its doors for the last time.

During October the centre at Barnes Hill will be relocating to the new premises of Newbrook Farm. The new centre, which we hope to be up and running in November, will help to save and protect hundreds of thousands of animals’ lives in the future.

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The 42 Teeth Campaign #RSPCA

All dogs have 42 teeth. All dogs have the potential to be dangerous… in the wrong hands. Irresponsible dog owners allow their dogs to foul, stray and cause a nuisance. Some even encourage their dogs to be aggressive or attack people or other animals.

42 Teeth Campaign

Dogs who have irresponsible owners are very often victims of cruelty and neglect themselves. To encourage them to be aggressive, dogs may suffer violence at the hands of their owners. The RSPCA has seen dogs with broken bones, animals covered in burns and even dogs attacked with glass bottles. The number of abandonments, particularly of large bull breed dogs, has increased so much that RSPCA rescues are crammed to bursting.

The RSPCA is urging cat owners to have their pets neutered to prevent unwanted pregnancies as the charity struggles to cope with the vast number of kittens which are being dumped.

The latest litter to be abandoned were dumped in a tied up Sainsburys carrier bag by the side of the road near Hamner in Whitchurch, Shropshire by a heartless van driver.  The plastic bag was placed at the roadside before the van sped off.

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Animals continue to be cast aside

The RSPCA are reminding pet owners of their legal responsibilities as the number of unwanted animals they’ve collected continues to grow.

Superintendent Martyn Hubbard said:
“It is important that the public are aware that once they take on an animal they are legally responsible for it and that abandoning any animal in a manner likely to cause suffering is a criminal offence.”

A snapshot of recent abandonments

Pets in the West Midlands in particular are suffering as a result of poorly thought through choices. Recent abandonments in the area have included:

  • Abandoned Black-and-white kitten © RSPCA

    9 July – Three newborn kittens tossed over a garden fence in a black bin bag in Londonderry Lane, Smethwick. Sadly two of the kittens died overnight after being rescued.

  • 9 July – Eight rabbits dumped in woodlands near Holywell Lane, Rubery, Rednal, Birmingham. The bunnies are a mix of colours and ages.
  • 10 July – A three-month-old kitten found at 4am in a Pampers Nappy Box outside Bramble Close, Aston, Birmingham.
  • 11 July – Two young female cats found in a box on a riverbank at Stepstairs Lane, Cirencester.  The tortie and tabby cats are both thought to be around one year old.
  • 12 July – A terrapin found swimming around a canal at Broad Street, Birmingham.  Named Steve by the person who found it, the exotic creature was seen in the canal a few days earlier.
  • Corn snake which was abandoned in the West Midlands © RSPCA

    12 July – A corn snake found sunbathing in a back garden at Clays Lane, Branston, Burton-on-Trent. Uninjured, the pet snake is now with exotic specialists in Dudley.

  • 13 July – Two kittens dumped in a cardboard box, found under a tree at Hurlingham Road, Kingstanding, Birmingham.
  • 14 July – A white rabbit with severely overgrown nails, dumped in a box in a park near Oxford Grove, Birmingham. The neglected rabbit was tragically put to sleep at vets due to having a broken back.

Pet ownership is a lifelong commitment

Martyn continued:

This situation with abandoned animals is getting completely out of hand.

I would urge people to seriously think before they purchase or rehome a pet. You must ask yourself if you are able to commit to caring for that animal for its lifetime.

Once this decision has been made, as a pet owner you are legally responsible for that animal.

It is completely unacceptable that people appear to be taking on animals without thinking about the commitments required and then when they have had enough the animal is dumped with no thought for the animal’s safety and wellbeing.

Appeal for information

Can you help?

Anyone that believes they have information about any of these abandonments can contact the RSPCA inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

To help us continue to investigate cases like this, please:

  • text HELP to 78866 to give £3
    (Text costs £3 + one standard network rate message)
  • make an online donation today.

Thank you.

Alfie’s Law Campaign

This campaign will help to raise awareness of the current law in the UK regarding animal abuse, neglect & murder and how the sentences are not being used to the maximum. Too often minimum fines are given to people who inflict the most disguisting abuse and harm to our animals.

Within the UK Judicial System, sentencing guidelines are set by theSentencing Counciland they provide detailed guidance toMagistrates Courtsacross the UK. These guidelines state that offences of Animal Cruelty (as described in the Animal Welfare Act 2006) is triable only summarily (cannot go to Crown Court) and carry a maximum penalty of £20,000 fine and/or 6 months imprisonment).
It is highly unlikely that anyone would receive the maximum sentence and usually dis- proportionate fines are imposed.

To find the Website Search Alfie’s Law Campaign