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Busy Bee….

I’m really sorry. I just have had so much on with the doing the radio & Litter Watch that I haven’t been able to write and I miss it.

I’ve got a few posts in the pipe line and as always your feedback is welcome. I’m currently thinking of more ideas for my blog but until I do please keep following & This blog is going to be more planned and more active in the future.

Thank you.

Take Care all 🙂



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It has been a while since posted last

Hiya all! Sorry I have been quite on my blog since last year a lot has happened I’ve joined Litter Watch  which was sometime last year

What is Litter Watch you may be thinking well let me tell you. Litter Watch are an award winning community led charity commissioned by Sandwell Council and Serco Litter Watch work with both primary and secondary schools in Sandwell. The service is free of charge to local schools. They also have an Eco bus and this provides the centre piece of their education offering. So what does the Eco bus do you may be thinking??? well

The Eco Bus provides fun, interactive and informative environmental workshops and supports local people to learn about their environmental responsibilities including reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

We also go around the Sandwell area and do litter picking it’s great fun looking after the environment!

I’ve also been very busy at the Hospital Radio with presenting my show a lot things are  changing very soon.


I have signed up to Blogging 101

As part of my of my ‘new year, new start’ mentality, I’ve signed up for Blogging 101. Expect to see some interesting posts coming your way in the very near future. And also to help me practice and hone my writing skills,

Blogging 101 is four weeks of daily bite-size assignments that take you from “Blog?” to “Blog!” — along with a supportive community to encourage you all the way through.

Here is more info on this post 

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Blog Maintenance

About This Post

Hello everyone! I am writing today to tell you about some new things that are on the blog,

Coming Changes- Over the next few days, the following are things that may be changed, added, removed, etc. from the blog as I hope to make it better.

Changes Already Made Before I had the categories on the side of my blog. I’ve now re-moved this and I’ve added a sub menu at the top.


Domain Upgrade

Finally made up my mind and purchased a domain. so expect it to evolve and change a bit! I wasn’t sure at first to get a domain name If you want me to do anything on here, eg  or you think there is some way I can change my site, then please do let me know in the comments or via my twitter